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ESVC PRECONGRESS DAY ONLY REGISTRATION (80 Euro ESVC members,  140 Euro non-membes): VIRTUAL and IN PERSON (if NOT attending ECVIM-CA Congress). Please select the option you want and then click the BUY NOW button below.

PLEASE NOTE: the VIRTUAL option will NOT be available for live (real-time) viewing.  A link to the recorded sessions will be provided approximately 2 weeks after the event, which will be available for viewing when you want (for a limited time).

PLEASE NOTE: On-site registration will NOT be available.  All attendees need to pre-register if they would like to attend.

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ESVC PRECONGRESS DAY AND ECVIM-CA CONGRESS REGISTRATION: Please click this link to go to the ECVIM-CA Congress registration site.  You can register there for IN PERSON attendance if you intend to attend the ECVIM-CA Congress as well.  If you intend to attend both virtually, please register for the Congress using the link and the ESVC preCongress Day using the button.

The European Society of Veterinary Cardiology (ESVC) comprises veterinarians and non-veterinarians from around the world, who are interested in veterinary cardiology.

The primary objectives of ESVC are to

    •   promote the exchange of information and further scientific progress in Veterinary Cardiology on an international basis;
    •   encourage and promote improved methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of heart diseases in animals; and 
    •   encourage adequate cardiology training in Veterinary Colleges and Universities.

What is a veterinary cardiologist?

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